Uniface License Management

Uniface makes use of Sentinel to handle licensing of Uniface products.

Sentinel Licensing

When you register with Uniface, you get an Entitlement, which determines the type of license you can use, and the conditions and permissions associated with it.

  • For the Community Edition, only cloud-served standalone licenses are used. For more information on how to activate your license for the Community Edition, see Install the Uniface Community Edition.
  • For the Enterprise Edition, there are more licensing options, including standalone licenses, and licenses that are managed by a central license server. For more information about the license types, see Sentinel License Types.

Licenses are typically configured during Uniface installation.

The Uniface License Management utility (ulic) is responsible for manually activating and downloading required cloud-served licenses, for checking out licenses, renewing the lease on licenses on a regular basis, and returning licenses. For more information, see Uniface License Management Utility (ulic).

You can configure some aspects of licensing, such as notification messages, from within Uniface using the $LICENSE_OPTIONS assignment setting. It also allows you configure the location of license files and servers after installation. For more information, see $LICENSE_OPTIONS.

License Management for the Enterprise Edition

For Sentinel licenses, registered Uniface Enterprise Edition users have access to the Entitlement Management System (EMS) portal where they can download license files, set locking criteria, and more.

The Sentinel RMS License Manager (also known as the RMS Server) can be used to enforce and manage licensing in a multi-user environment. Registered users of the Enterprise Edition can download it under the name Uniface RMS from Rocket Community: Downloads and obtain the appropriate Sentinel license by contacting their Uniface representative. For more information, see Sentinel RMS License Manager.

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