Returning On-Premises Served Network Licenses

If you need to return an on-premises served network license that is no longer required, use the Revocation tool, located in the \common\bin directory of your Uniface installation, as well as in the RMS installation package. This is a Java-based tool that can be run on any platform.

Use the Revoke Tool prior to uninstalling the RMS License Manager. If you uninstall your RMS License Manager or it is not running when returning your license, the Revoke Tool returns an error, and your license revocation will be pending, neither active nor revoked. To resolve this, revoke your license using the Manual Revoke option.

Before you start, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • Ensure your RMS is installed and running.
  • Install Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.8.0_281 on the machine that runs the RMS License Manager.

    Note: If you have installed a 32-bit version of the RMS, your JDK version should also be 32-bit; likewise for 64-bit.

To revoke a license:

  1. Open the RevokeTool folder from your RMS installation package and double-click the Sentinel RMS Revocation Tool.jar file.

    Alternatively, run the tool from the command line. Change the directory to the RevokeTool folder. If your Java is installed in a different location, enter the location of the java.exe before the command. For example:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\java" -jar "Sentinel RMS Revocation Tool.jar"
  2. When prompted, choose between:
    • Revoke Immediately—perform instant revocation
    • Manual Revoke—perform a step-by-step process for revocation
  3. If you select Revoke Immediately, enter your user input values (Product Key, Entitlement ID, or Username) and license information (Activation ID, License File, or License String) when prompted.

    The complete revocation is performed immediately and records that are related to revocation are automatically updated on the EMS portal.

  4. If you select Manual Revoke:
    1. Click On the Generate Permission Ticket screen, enter your login and license information and click Generate.
    2. Enter a file name and location to save the permission ticket.

      Note: If you have trouble generating the permission ticket, log in to the Sentinel EMS Customer Portal using your Entitlement ID. If your revocation is in progress, click on Upload Revocation Proof, then click the Permission Ticket link to download your permission ticket. If you do not see the Upload Revocation Proof button, first click Revoke, and add your license details, and click Save.

    3. On the Perform Revocation screen, provide the permission ticket and click Revoke.

      Sentinel RMS Revocation Tool

    4. Choose a file name and location to save the generated revocation ticket.
    5. On the Upload Revocation Ticket screen, provide the revocation ticket and click Upload. This can also be done on the EMS portal. Click on Upload Revocation Proof and upload the revocation receipt.
    6. This updates the revocation related records on the EMS portal.