Sentinel RMS License Manager

The Sentinel RMS License Manager (also known as the RMS Server) can be used for the Uniface Enterprise Edition to enforce and manage licensing in a multi-user environment. Registered users of the Enterprise Edition can download it under the name Uniface RMS from Rocket Community: Downloads and obtain the appropriate Sentinel license by contacting their Uniface representative.

On Linux and Windows platforms, the Sentinel RMS License Manager includes a plug-in for managing cloud-leased licenses.

The RMS License Manager runs as a system service on Windows and as a background process on Unix. Other operating systems can connect to the centralized License Manager, but it can only be installed on Windows and Unix.

When a Uniface application that is licensed using a network license is started, it sends a request to the License Manager over the network. The License Manager then authorizes the request and sends back a message.

With the RMS License Manager, you can:

  • Configure redundant license servers for fail-over to make sure your licensing system is always online. For more information, see Redundant RMS License Manager Pool.
  • Use grace licensing in the case of unexpected server failures. This fallback ensures that the application continues to function for a short period. For more information, see Grace Licenses.
  • Temporarily borrow a license for offline or off-premise usage. This is called commuting. For more information, see Commuter Licenses.

For information on using the Sentinel RMS Manager, consult the Sentinel documentation. The Sentinel RMS System Administrator Guide guide includes detailed information on using the Sentinel utilities distributed with the RMS License Manager.