Configuring On-Premises Served Standalone Licenses

To configure on-premises standalone licenses, you need to use the EMS portal and use the appropriate utility for your platform to get the locking criteria.

You are given an Entitlement ID when you register with Uniface, which allows you to access the Sentinel EMS customer portal, where you can lock your license to a specific machine and obtain the actual license file.

While connected to the EMS portal, you need to obtain a locking code, which is the unique machine identification that locks the license file to your machine. To obtain your locking code, you run one of the following utilities provided in the \common\bin directory of your Uniface installation:

  • Wechoid (Windows only). This can also be downloaded from the activation screen on the EMS.
  • echoid

To configure an on-premises served standalone license:

  1. Log in to the EMS portal with your Entitlement ID and click Activate. The activation screen lists the required locking criteria in Client 1 criteria (in hex).
  2. Obtain a locking code. If you are using Wechoid on Windows:

    1. Open the Wechoid utility.

      Note: You must run this on the machine you want to use the license.

    2. Tick the criteria in the Wechoid dialog that match the locking criteria listed on the Sentinel EMS customer portal's activation screen. For example, this might say Disk ID + UUID. Remove the check marks for any criteria that are not applicable. Generating the wrong Locking Data renders your license invalid.

      Sentinel Wechoid utility

    3. Copy the generated Locking Data from the Code field, including the * into the Client info field on the Sentinel EMS customer portal.

    If you are using echoid:

    1. Open echoid.dat from the \common\bin directory.
    2. At the end of the list, enter the selection that matches the locking criteria listed on the portal's activation screen, for example 0x3D9F, which indicates all criteria are selected. In the case of multiple locking criteria, calculate the locking data by adding the hexadecimal values of the different criteria. In most cases, you will use 0x004, which locks a license to the disk ID.
    3. Run echoid.exe from the command line. This reads the locking data from echoid.dat and generates a locking code.
      C:\Program Files\Uniface\common\bin>echoid.exe
      Sentinel RMS Development Kit Host Locking Code Information Utility
      Copyright (C) 2021 Thales Group
      All Rights Reserved.
      Locking Code 1     :   4-*1AB CDEF HIJ KLMN
    4. Copy the generated locking code from * to the end.
  3. Paste the client info from Wechoid or the locking code from echoid into the activation screen on the portal and click Activate. This creates a license file that you can download.
  4. Download the license file and make a note of the saved location.
  5. You can now do a normal installation where you will be asked to enter the license file path. Alternatively, if you have chosen to manually add your licensing options, open your assignment file and configure $LICENSE_OPTIONS to point to the local license file:

For more information, consult the Sentinel documentation: echoid and Wechoid - Obtaining a Computer's Locking Code.