Manually Configure Sentinel Licenses on Linux

Normally, the Uniface installer automatically configures the Sentinel license environment on Linux. However, if you ran the installer without root privileges, or you choose the manual configuration option for some other reason, you must manually configure license management.

To so, you need to run the Uniface license utility (ulic) as root. For more information, see Uniface License Management Utility (ulic).

  1. Run ulic as root:
    ulic /adm=USYSUNIFACE/adm /prep
  2. To activate a cloud-served license, run ulic:
    ulic /adm=USYSUNIFACE/adm /act EntitlementID

    For example:

    ulic /adm=USYSUNIFACE/adm /act 77329e95-d153-4a4b-aa27-a62fadce 
  3. To activate multiple cloud-served licenses, run ulic with each Entitlement ID as a separate argument:
    ulic /adm=USYSUNIFACE/adm /act EntitlementID /act EntitlementID

    For example:

    ulic /adm=USYSUNIFACE/adm /act 77329e95-d153-4a4b-aa27-a62fadce /act 85972e95-d143-5a5b-aa27-a39fadce
  4. To specify an RMS server or license file, set $LICENSE_OPTIONS in the usys.asn file:

    For more information, see $LICENSE_OPTIONS.