Cloud License Manager (LM) License

A Cloud License Manager (LM) license provides licensing access to any device that is connected to the internet, without the need for an RMS License Manager. Cloud LM licenses work using a Registration Token to generate an Authorization Token (or Auth Token) that is used to connect the application to the Sentinel Cloud License Manager. The Cloud License Manager obtains the license from the Sentinel EMS and allows you to access your licensed application anywhere while connected to the cloud.

Note: Grace and commuter licenses not supported with Cloud LM licensing.

To use a Cloud LM license, you will need:

  • Uniface 10.4.02—Cloud LM is not supported on earlier versions of Uniface
  • Cloud LM license feature—Contact your Uniface representative to obtain this feature
  • An internet connection
  • A Registration Token

Administrators can connect to the Sentinel EMS Customer portal to generate a Registration Token. If you are not an administrator, you will need to get this token from the person administering your Sentinel licensing.

Note: Cloud LM licensing is only supported on Windows, Red Hat, and CentOS.

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