Uninstalling Sentinel RMS License Manager on Unix

To uninstall the RMS License Manager, use the uninstall script that was created in the directory you specified during installation. You will be asked to return your license so that you can use it on a different machine.

Returning the license allows you to move your RMS License Manager to a different machine and reuse the license. This feature is also useful if you wish to change from a cloud-served license to a license file. If you are returning a cloud-served license, you will need to have the Entitlement ID for the license you are returning.

To uninstall:

  1. Run the uninstallrms.sh script or select the uninstall script option in upgrade mode (see Updating the Sentinel RMS License Manager on Unix and Linux).
  2. At the first prompt, press Enter to continue with the uninstall or q to exit.

    The uninstall script now proceeds to stop and remove the RMS service.

  3. If a cloud-served license is detected, you are prompted to enter the Entitlement ID of the license you are returning. Enter your Entitlement ID and press Enter.
  4. Enter an additional Entitlement ID, if applicable, or press Enter to continue. You can return multiple Entitlement IDs.

    The script now proceeds to return your license(s). This can take up to 3 minutes per license. Do not stop the script during this process.

  5. When prompted, choose to remove all files in your installation directory, including Cloud Plug-in configuration files. Select yes (y) to remove them or no (n) to keep them.

    Note: If a license file is detected, this will also be deleted. You can select (n) or quit the process to make a copy of the file before continuing. Alternatively, you can download a new license file from the Sentinel EMS Customer Portal.

    The uninstall script now removes the files and exits.