Updating the Sentinel RMS License Manager on Windows

Use the RMS License Manager installation script to update your RMS server to a newer version of the RMS License Manager and Cloud Plug-in. You can also use the installation script in upgrade mode to change your licensing details or fix a failed license activation.

Once you have downloaded the RMS installation package onto your system:

  1. Run the RMS installation package by double clicking the self-extracting zip file. The script recognizes that you have an existing RMS License Manager installation and will go into upgrade mode.
  2. The installer detects whether or not you have an existing cloud configuration.
    1. If you have an existing cloud configuration, the installer prompts you to choose to continue the upgrade using the existing cloud configuration, or to overwrite this with new details.

      If you choose to overwrite your existing cloud configuration, your cloud configuration file (sntlcloudp_configuration_unifacebv.xml) is saved as a backup file (with the extension .bak), should you wish to restore your original cloud configuration at a later stage. You are then prompted to enter new cloud-served license details: Entitlement ID, friendly name, and proxy settings.

      Note: If you overwrite your existing cloud configuration, any existing licenses used for this configuration will be unavailable. Return these licenses first before proceeding with the upgrade if you wish to use them elsewhere. If you choose this option by mistake, you can re-enter your original license details, using the same Entitlement ID and friendly name.

    2. If no cloud configuration is detected, you are prompted to choose your license type:
      • Cloud Served License—use this option to change your license to a cloud served license. You need an internet connection when executing this option.
      • License File or License Code—use this option to reuse your existing license file or code, or to use a new license file or code. When prompted, enter the full path to your license file, including the license file name, or enter your license code again.
      • Install RMS and I will configure the license later—the RMS License Manager and Sentinel Cloud Plug-in will be upgraded but not started.
  3. The installer proceeds to upgrade your RMS Server and Cloud Plug-in.

To switch from using a cloud-served license to a license file (on-premises network license), first return your license, and then remove the existing cloud configuration file (sntlcloudp_configuration_unifacebv.xml) in your installation directory. Run the RMS installation script again and choose License File or License Code when prompted.

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