Configuring Cloud LM Licenses

To configure a cloud license manager (LM) license, you need to enter your Registration Token during installation or run the Uniface License Management utility (ulic) after installing Uniface.

Before you begin, you must have:

  • A Uniface version 10.4.02 installation. Cloud LM is not supported on earlier versions of Uniface.
  • An internet connection to connect to the Cloud License Manager.
  • A Registration Token from your administrator. If you are an administrator, see Generating Registration Tokens for Cloud LM Licensing.

Configure the License

To configure this license, you can either use the installer or the Uniface License Management utility (ulic).

To configure cloud LM licensing using the installer:

  1. When prompted to choose a license type during installation, select option 2 I have a Registration Token (Cloud LM licensing).
  2. When prompted by the License Registration screen at the end of installation, enter your Registration Token.

For more information on using the installer, see Install the Uniface Enterprise Edition on Windows or Installing Uniface on Unix and Linux.

To configure cloud LM licensing using the Uniface License Management utility (ulic):

  1. Run ulic /prep to create persistence data.
  2. Run ulic /reg={RegistrationToken} to register your token.

For more information, see Uniface License Management Utility (ulic)

Once the token is registered, no license file is downloaded, but an XML file is created inside the license folder sntlcloudp_configuration_unifacebv.xml.

Note: When configuring your Cloud LM licensing using the installer or License Management Utility, $LICENSE_OPTIONS will be set automatically in your assignment file. If you are changing your license type, make sure your $LICENSE_OPTIONS does not include LM_LICENSE_FILE. LM_LOAD should be left out or set to S.


If an error occurs while registering your Registration Token, check the following:

  • If you have entered the Registration Token correctly
  • If you have connection to the internet
  • If the Registration Token is still valid

    Note: Registration Tokens have an expiry set when they are created. They are valid for a maximum of 30 days. The Registration Token must be registered within this period in order to connect to the Cloud License Manager.