nselect command

The nselect command selects items that would fail the selection criteria of a select. When an output list displays in any of the various select sentences, the list is built from the contents of the specified attribute.


nselect file.reference {item.list} {selection.criteria} {output.specification}


nselect md = "m]"

is the same as:

select md # "m]"

The next example finds the FlashBASIC programs that did not compile in the bp file:

select bp
[404] 78 items selected out of 78 items.
nselect dict bp
[404] 3 items selected out of 78 items.

Assume that there are two files with different number of items in each. Some item-IDs exist in both files, but not all of them.

First, select the first file, then select the items not in the second file:

select file1
[404] 767 items selected out of 767 items.
nselect file2
[404] 323 items selected.

The list contains the items in file1 that are not in file2.