save-list command

The save-list command writes the list of item-IDs generated by a select, sselect, qselect, or get-list command.


save-list {{file.reference} {}}




save-list Must be invoked immediately after the command that created the list.
file.reference Specifies a file in which to save the list. If not specified, the list is saved in the pointer-file. Specifies the name of the list-item. If there is already an item with the specified item-ID, it automatically is overwritten by the new list. If not specified, the default name, %user-ID, is used.


sselect entity with area.code "714" by name

[404] 16782 items selected out of 272876 items.

save-list orange.county

List ’orange.county’ in ’pointer-file’ saved.