edit-list command

The edit-list BASIC program retrieves a previously saved list and enters the line editor (same as ed or edit). Each element in the list is treated as a line by the line editor; all of the line editor edit commands are valid. For using the Update processor to update saved lists.


edit-list {file.reference} {itemlist*} {(options)}


Note: If a file reference is not specified, the list is retrieved from the pointer-file file. If an item list is not specified, the default list item is updated: %user, where user is the user-ID.


options a Activates the assembly formatter. Equivalent to the as editor command.
d Allows editing a D-pointer.
m Activates the macro expansion function. Equivalent to the m editor command.
p Directs the output to the system printer via the spooler.
s Suppresses the display of line numbers, in normal edit mode, or suppresses object code display when the assembly formatter is on. Equivalent to the s editor command.
z Suppresses the top and eoi messages.
Warning: On early versions of D3, edit-list invoked the Update processor.


edit-list invoices.past.due

edit-list dict customers cust.list