get-list command

The get-list command activates an item-list from the pointer-file file. The default file is the pointer-file file.

Note: The temporary ADIs can also be used.


get-list {{file.reference}{}} {(adi.ref} {(options}




file.reference Specified file used to retrieve the item. Name of the list that contains the attributes to place in the active list. Multiple list names can be specified to create longer lists.

If more than one list name is specified, the lists are concatenated into a single list.

If no list name is specified, the default name, %user-ID, is used.
adi.ref Indicates an attribute number. This creates a list from the specified attribute.
options s Creates a secondary list.
u (Unique) Inhibits selection of duplicated items within multiple lists.
n # Specifies to get only the nth attribute of the list.
m #- n # Specifies to get from the mth to the nth attribute of the list.


get-list xx yy
[404] 358 items selected out of 2 items.

get-list duplicates
[404] 67 items selected out of 1 items.

This combines the two lists, old.invoices and new.invoices into one list. The u option eliminates redundant references within the list.

get-list old.invoices new.invoices (u
[404] 405 items selected out of 2 items.