copy-list command

The copy-list command copies a saved list to either a new item-ID, a new file reference, or to the specified output device.

A file reference may be specified because any file can hold lists. Conversely, the copy command may also be used, but it does not default to the pointer-file.


copy-list {{file.reference} {itemlist*} {(options}
to: {(file.reference} {itemlist}




file.reference Specifies the items are copied from the pointer-file.
itemlist* Specifies the default item-ID, %user-ID, is used.
options d Deletes the source items from the source file after copying.
n Activates the nopage function on output to the terminal.
o Overwrites duplicate item-IDs.
p Copies list to printer via the spooler.
s Suppresses display of line numbers when used with the t or p option, and suppresses the error message output on a file copy.
t Copies list to terminal.
u Copies item if the item-ID is in the destination file and renames it by concatenating the current-ID with a character, starting with a lowercase a .
x Lists output in hexadecimal, when used with the t or p option.


Copies a list called temp.list from the pointer-file file in the dm account to the pointer-file file in the prod account. After copying successfully, the list is deleted from the dm,pointer-file, with the d option. Path names are provided in the source and in the destination files. This command is valid from any account.

copy-list dm,pointer-file, temp.list (d
to: (prod,pointer-file, cust.list