Causes Uniface applications to return a technical name for supported field widgets. This can be used by testing tools to enable automated testing.


Default value: None. Returns an empty string.
File section:





TestMode When queried by an MSAA client, returns a unique technical name for the field widget, grid entity, grid cell representation, or other grid object in the form. For example: NAME.PERSON.ORG.3


Microsoft provides an API for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) that provides methods for exposing information about user interface elements in Windows applications. Although primarily intended for software that makes computers accessible to people with impairments, it is also used by testing tools to provide handles for automated testing.

When this setting is present, the name that Uniface returns for supported widgets can be accessed by the get_accName method provide by the IAccessible interface. For more information, consult the Microsoft documentation at

Uniface supports MSAA for testing purposes only, and only for supported widgets. The supported widgets are:

Other widgets may return a technical name, but this name is subject to change.

Important: The technical names returned are not appropriate for screen readers and other accessibility tools.

Returned Technical Names

When set to TestMode, the name returned by MSAA is a technical name that can be used by testing tools, but which are not useful for visually impaired users.

Uniface UI Object Returned Technical Name
Field-level widget FieldName.EntityName.ModelName.OccurrenceIndex

where OccurrenceIndex is the number of the visible occurrence in multi-occurrence list.

Grid Widget Objects
Grid widget EntityName.ModelName
Cell Representation FieldName.EntityName.ModelName.OccurrenceIndex

where OccurrenceIndex is the number of the row number in the Grid widget.

TopHeaderWindow top_area
TopHeaderButton top_heading.Index
SideHeaderWindow side_area
SideHeaderButton side_heading.Index
Viewport field_area
CornerArea corner_area
CornerButton corner_button

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