A label displays text on a component, such as the name of an associated field or an instruction to the user.

Logical Widget Name:


Physical Widget Definition:



Labels do not have triggers.

Supported in Grid?


Supports MSAA?

Yes, for testing purposes only. For more information, see Accessibility.


Labels are treated as widgets because they physically represent a development object on a component, just as widgets represent fields. However, you cannot give them logical names and their properties are not dynamic. Only the Label Text property can be set in ProcScript (using $labelproperties).

For Form and Report components, the default values for Transparency and Default Font properties can be set in the application's .ini file. Use the following line in your .ini file to control transparency and font for all labels:


If transparency is not specified, the default is Off.

If a label is not completely filled and its background color matches that of the component, Uniface reduces the label to fit the text, exposing any borders otherwise covered by the field. Uniface does not shrink labels that do not meet these criteria, so borders could be obscured, even though the contents of the fields fit within the borders.

In character mode, labels are not supported but are mapped to background text.

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