urtfeditbox (RichEditBox)

The urtfeditbox widget is used to display and edit text as Rich Text Format (RTF), which supports formatting such as font and color attributes, text alignment, indentation, and lists. Uniface provides a logical widget called RichEditBox, which is mapped to urtfeditbox

RichEditBox with complete toolbar
RichTextBox widget with complete toolbar and formatted text.

For more information, see Specifying a Widget for a Field or Entity.

Widget Overview
Logical widget name: RichEditBox
Maps to physical widget:


Default definition: RichEditBox=urtfeditbox(font=editfont;dimmedbackcolor=off;toolbar=font,textcolor,attribute)
Use for: String fields
Supported triggers: trigger valueChanged when the field is edited
Supported properties: See Widget Properties
Supported in egrid(Grid) widget? No
Supports MSAA? : Yes, for testing purposes only. For more information, see Accessibility.


The urtfeditbox widget enables you to edit and store RTF data. Data can be inserted into the widget from a number of sources and the user can format the text as bold, italic, or underline using the keyboard.

The widget supports enhanced text manipulation using an integrated toolbar. For example, you can change the font, font size, and color, indent text, and create bulleted lists. You can determine whether the toolbar is displayed and what its contents are using the widget's properties.

The urtfeditbox supports the following functionality, with some restrictions:

Functionality Description Restrictions
Keyboard Interaction Insert, modify, and find text using native Windows keys and Uniface keyboard functions. See Keyboard Interface. If a key combination is used by both Windows and Uniface, the Native Keyboard setting determines which is used.
Text Formatting Apply Bold, Italic, and Underline to text using Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and Ctrl+U. The Ctrl key combinations can differ per application, depending on the keyboard table and the accelerator key definitions in the .ini file.
Clipboard Insert text and RTF data from the clipboard Images are not supported
Drag and Drop Drag text and RTF data into the widget from a Windows source Images are not supported
Undo and Redo Undo and redo changes using Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y; only if Native Keyboard is set to True. To zoom a field, you must use GOLD Z or MACRO "^Zoom".
Find and Replace Find and replace text in the field using the standard Windows dialog boxes. Find functionality can be activated using F8 and Find Next using Shift+F8.  
Unicode RTF supports the Unicode and can display all different type of chars within one control. Tooltips in the toolbar are English only.
Images If images are copied, dragged, or assigned to the Rich Edit Box field, they are ignored. Images are not supported

Fields that use the Rich Text Edit widget must have Data Type String and Field Interface ShorthandC*.

Caution: Do not use field syntax codes such as LOW, UPC, and so on for fields that use the urtfeditbox widget. They are not compatible with RTF data and can result in data loss.

Widget Properties

The rich edit box widget does NOT support the standard color properties for widgets because the text displayed may contain colors that are not visible on the chosen background color.

Rich Edit Box Properties
Property Technical name Dynamic?
3-D Effect (3d) 3D No
Attach to Window Border (attach) Attach Yes
Auto Select (autoselect) AutoSelect Yes
Automatic Word Wrap WordWrap No
Bottom Line (BottomLine) BottomLine Yes
Double-Click (DblClk) DblClk Yes
Draw 3-D Frame Outside (DrawOutside) DrawOutside No
Dynamic Dynamic Yes
Extended Auto Select (XAutoSelect) XAutoSelect Yes
Frame Frame No
Horizontal Scroll Bar Hscroll No
Label Font (LabelFont) LabelFont Yes
Multiline Multiline No
Native Key NativeKey No
No Display Character NoDisplay Yes
Toolbar Toolbar No
Vertical Scroll Bar (VScroll) Vscroll No
Widget Font (Font) Font Yes
Attach Margin (AttachMargin) AttachMargin Yes
Popup Rectangle (PopupRect) PopupRect Yes

Screen vs. Print Fonts

Some fonts that can be used in the urtfeditbox widget must have a different size defined for displaying and printing. For example, the bar-code 39 font cannot be used 1:1 on the printer.

barcodefont=bar-code 39,12,regular

barcodefont=bar-code 39, 48

Assigning and Changing Values

The field value consists of RTF data. Although it is possible to assign plain text to a urtfeditbox widget, as soon as the data in the field is changed, the data is formatted as RTF.

For example, assume that the field MyTextField contains the string My name is John. This can be assigned to the rich text field MyRTFField:

MyRTFField = MyTextField

The data is displayed in the widget using the predefined font and color, which can be set using $fieldproperties or in the widget property form. If the data is edited, it is converted to RTF:

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\froman\fcharset0 Arial;}}
{\colortbl ;\red0\green255\blue255;}
\viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf1\f0\fs20 My name is Johnny
\par }

Although it is technically possible to compare the values of the two fields (for example, if (MyRTFField = MyTextField) ), it can only evaluate to true as long as the rich text field has not been changed.

Keyboard Interface

The following Uniface functions are supported by the urtfeditbox widget. Only those that are specific to this widget or that can be switched using the in particular and the functions which can be influenced by the NativeKey property are listed. All other functions supported by the standard edit widget are also available.

In the following table, the last column indicates whether the function can be switched using the NativeKey property, which redirects Ctrl key combinations.





Save the field content as an RTF file after user has supplied a correct filename



Insert a text or RTF file, removing existing data from the widget. User has to supply a correct filename



Zooms field


Ctrl+Z can be redirected to Undo.


Zooms the field to the full screen



Terminates zoom mode and accepts changes


Ctrl=A can be redirected to Select All.


Terminates zoom mode and discards changes after confirmation.



Starts the Find and Replace dialog box of the widget


Ctrl+H can be redirected to the native Windows function Replace.


Starts the Find dialog box of the widget


Ctrl+F can be redirected to the native Windows function Find.


Applies Bold formatting to the current selection. If the selection is empty, the character formatting is applied to the insertion point, and the new character format is in effect only until the insertion point changes.



Applies Italic formatting to the current selection, as for ^BOLD.



Applies Underline formatting to the current selection, as for ^BOLD.