The CommandButton is a logical widget that enables a user to initiate an action by clicking the button.

CommandButton widget

For more information, see Specifying a Widget for a Field or Entity.

Widget Overview

Logical widget name:


Maps to physical widget:

Default definition:


Supported triggers and properties:

See ucmdbutton.

Use for:

Static or control fields (as defined by the Is Static and Is Control properties) of type String.


The specified action is defined in the Detail trigger of the button field. Because this field is not used for data input, it is usually defined as a static or control field.

Tip: Uniface provides templates for command buttons that perform common actions such as retrieving and storing data, adding and removing entity occurrences, and more.

By default, the CommandButton follows the Windows look and feel. If the Representation property is set to Uniface or Header, the appearance is different. For more information, see UnifaceButton and HeaderButton.

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