udefentity (Default Entity Widget )

The udefentity widget is the default widget for entities in form components. It is a multi-occurrence list, with a minimum of one occurrence, in which fields can be freely arranged. Uniface provides a default logical widget called DefEntity that is mapped to this widget.

For more information, see Layout of Repeated Occurrences.

Widget Overview
Logical widget name: DefEntity
Maps to physical widget:


Default definition: DefEntity=udefentity(backcolor=#deefff)
Use for: Entity definition and layout in form components
Supported triggers: Entity and occurrence-level triggers. For more information, see Entity .
Supported properties: See Widget Properties


The default entity widget supports all entity- and field-level widgets, Unifields, labels, area frames, and lines. In the component layout, these elements can be arranged in any way that fits within the boundaries of the first entity occurrence.

Configuring the Widget

You can configure the udefentity widget by defining the DefEntity logical widget. If it is not defined, the widget follows Windows conventions.

It is also possible define logical widgets using specific entity names. For more information, see DefEntity and [entities].

Widget Properties

To modify properties that control the border appearance and gradient background color, click the More icon in the entity's FRM Widget Properties, then click More button .

To set the property values at runtime, use the ProcScript commands $EntityProperties and $CurEntProperties.

Widget Properties of Default Entity Widget (udefentity)
Property Technical Property Name
Attach to Window Border (attach) Attach
Attach Margin (AttachMargin) AttachMargin
BorderType BorderType
Border Radius (BorderRadius) BorderRadius
  Color Properties
Background Color (BackColor) BackColor
Foreground Color (ForeColor) ForeColor
Border Color (BorderColor) BorderColor
Gradient Fill Style (BackColorFill) BackColorFill
Gradient Color Start (BackColorStart) BackcolorStart
Gradient Start (GradientStart) GradientStart
Drop Shadow Color (DropShadowColor) DropShadowColor
  Background Image Properties
Background Image (BackImage) BackImage
Horizontal Alignment (Halign) HAlign
Vertical Alignment (Valign) VAlign
Horizontal Scaling (Hscale) Hscale
Vertical Scaling (Vscale) VScale
Preserve Aspect Ratio (PreserveAspect) PreserveAspect


Compatibility issues can arise when setting the Border and or Color in combination with the entity frame properties that can be set in the initialization file.

  • If both the Border and BorderType properties are set, two borders are displayed.
  • If the Color is set for an area frame or entity, it overrides all properties set in the initialization file, including BorderType and colors.

To prevent these issues in existing components, it is recommended that you use BorderType and its styling properties only for new and modified components, and for new named area frames. If you modify a component to use BorderType for an entity or area frame, it is recommended that you set Color to No and turn Border off. For more information, see Border and Index Color .

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