Vertical Alignment (Valign)

This property determines the vertical alignment of data (text or image) in the widget, entity, area frame, or window.

valign="Top | Center | Bottom"

Value Description
(default) Data is positioned according to the .ini file. If no entry is specified, the system defaults are used: Center for Pictures and Command buttons.
Top Data is positioned at the top of the widget. Default for Hyperlink widget.
Center Data is positioned in the center of the widget. Default for Picture and CommandButton widgets
Bottom Data is positioned at the bottom of the widget.


Dynamic? Yes
Supported in Grid? Yes for Grid, Command Button, and Picture
Dependencies: None


For command buttons, this property only works if the Representation property is set to Uniface.

For grid widgets, this property applies to cells in the grid.

Setting in ProcScript

$fieldproperties(FLD1) = "valign=bottom"

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