Border Radius (BorderRadius)

The BorderRadius property causes the border of the area frame or entity to have rounded corners. The degree of rounding is determined by the value of the property.


Example: "BorderRadius=20px"

Value Description

Border has square corners


Value from 0px through 100px which defines the radius of the curve that makes the corner round. The smaller the value, the less round the corner.


Dynamic? Yes for entities, No for area frames
Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: BorderRadius is applicable only if BorderType is flat.


Note:  When applying rounded corners, be aware that widgets, labels, and images within the area frame or entity that are positioned at the edge of the frame will override the corner rounding.

Falt border with 30px border radius cuto off by field at edge of entity frame.

Setting in ProcScript

For the entity widget, this property can be set in ProcScript using the $entityProperties or $curEntProperties commands.

putitem/id vProperties,"BorderType","flat"
putitem/id vProperties,"BorderColor","purple"
putitem/id vProperties,"BorderRadius","20px"


Flat entity border with with rounded corners

Setting in Initialization File

For area frames, it is only possible to set this property in the initialization file.