Background Image (BackImage)

Image used as background for the application window, form, or entity. This property can be set in ProcScript.

backimage=@FileName | ^GlyphName


Dynamic? Yes for entities, forms, and startup shells

No for area frames

Supported in Grid? No
Dependencies: See Image Properties


The specified image can be a glyph or an image file on the file system.

The Background Image property is dynamic and can be specified in ProcScript as BackImage using the following ProcScript instructions:

You can also specify a default background image for entities, application shells, and forms using the DEFENTITY, SHELL, and WINDOW settings in the .ini file.

  • DefEntity—for the default entity widget
  • Shell—for application shells, and forms
  • Window—for form components

Although it is possible to specify an absolute path to an image, it is preferable to specify a relative path using the IMAGES initialization setting.

Note: The BackImage property replaces the image window property, which was not dynamic. Existing forms that have the image property set continue to work, but if the BackImage property is set, it takes precedence over image.

Area Frames

You can specify the background image for area frames using entries in the [areaframes] section of the .ini. it is not possible to fo this in the Uniface IDE. For more information, see [areaframes].

Combining Background Image and Color

If both a background image and a background color are specified, the background image may obscure the background color. Since it possible to specify these properties in several places, you may get unexpected results. For example, if a default background image is specified for form windows in the .ini file:


and the Background Color is set in ProcScript:


the complete property setting becomes:


In this case, the background color will not be visible.

Image Properties

The following properties can be applied to the image specified by Background Image.