user-coldstart macro

The user.coldstart macro performs the last step of the coldstart process and is the place where users can customize their own sequence of activities to perform each time the system is powered on or rebooted.

This avoids having to alter the system-coldstart command each time an upgrade to a new release is performed.

The commands executed by this macro vary from platform to platform, so its exact behavior can only be determined by looking at the macro, which usually exists in the master dictionary of the dm account.

Some of the commands typically executed by user.coldstart are attached as related subjects.

The user.coldstart is called after system-coldstart completes.


startspooler (c
startptr 0,(10,12,17),1,p0 (s)
assignfq 10,hp.lzr2p.80
assignfq 12,hp.lzr2p.96
assignfq 17,hp.lzr2p.132