term-type command

The term-type BASIC program reads the terminal and printer characteristics from attribute 2 of the PIBs file and automatically sets them, or sets them and updates the permanent settings for the current line.


term-type {(options)}


options k Sets the keyboard input translation.
s Suppresses all output.

The pibs file contains the parameters used by term-type. The Update processor can be used to update the characteristics for each PIB (port).

When term-type is used without arguments, it does the usual term setting for the current port by checking the port/control item in the dm,pibs, file.

The item-ID of the port/control item is the port number for the current line. Attribute 2 of the port control item may contain a terminal name, as well as the appropriate term characteristic parameters. If the item is found, and it contains a terminal name, it is assigned as the D3 terminal type.

VT100 is the default terminal type for all ports except port 0.

Note: For UNIX: If there is no terminal name, the terminal name is obtained from the UNIX environment variable, TERM.PIBs float. This means that the same port is not always necessarily attached to the same UNIX PID. For this reason, the choose.term program is provided with D3. This should be invoked from each user’s logon macro.

An item with the same name must exist in the dm,pibs, file. If attribute 2 contains terminal characteristics (such as the screen size and so on), but no terminal name, the terminal name is obtained from UNIX and the new characteristics are applied.

If attribute 2 of the pibs file is empty, and either, it is not a UNIX implementation, or the value of the TERM environment variable is not found in the devices file, then the terminal type of the previous logon to that PIB is used. If there was no prior log on, or if someone has done a reset-user on that PIB, then the terminal type is determined by the first device compiled into the dictionary devices ccb item. The initial terminal values are equivalent to term 79,24,0,1,1,8,80,59.