system-coldstart macro

The system-coldstart macro executes system initialization commands.

Invoked after the diagnostic and setup portion of the D3 boot process completes.

Some of the commands typically executed by system-coldstart are attached as related subjects.

Any site-specific commands to be executed at boot time should be placed in the user-coldstart macro, which is automatically called after system-coldstart completes.


001 n
002 run dm,bp, setpib0
003 term-type (s
004 run dm,bp, start.rtc
005 run dm,bp,
006 initovf
007 coldstart.log
008 run dm,bp, cleanpibs
009 :reset-async
010 set-abs dm,ABS, (s
011 maxusers (mql
012 verify.system
013 run dm,bp, start.printers
014 coldstart
015 off