set-ovf-reserve command

The set-ovf-reserve command in the DM account, sets aside a specific number of frames as the spare tank in the event that the overflow table runs out of frames. The default is 1024 or .5% of your available disk space (maxfid), whichever is greater. When the set-ovf-reserve command is run, the system displays both the old and new reserve values.

Warning: It is extremely dangerous to run without any overflow reserve. If the system runs out of frames, and there is no overflow reserve to fall back on, there is no recourse except to restore the system from a backup tape.


set-ovf-reserve {(reserve.quantity)} {(options}


reserve.quantity Number of frames to set aside as reserve overflow.
options q Suppresses messages.


If your overflow reserve is set to 200, running the command below produces the message shown:

set-ovf-reserve (1024)
Previous reserve: 200
New reserve: 1024