set-batchdly command

The set-batchdly BASIC program displays or changes the current sensitivity value for the interactive/batch trigger, as well as the weight of the trigger and the trigger cancel value.

For Windows: Not Supported


set-batchdly {{trigger.value}{,{trigger.weight} {,{cancel.trigger}}}}


trigger.value Number of concurrent disk reads performed by interactive processes that must be occurring for a batch process requesting a disk read to be suspended. This value should normally be set to 1.
trigger.weight Bias value, expressed in milliseconds, to determine how important interactive processes are over batch processes. Its default value is 0. A null value minimizes the difference between interactive and batch processes. Batch processes are prevented from using too much memory.
cancel.trigger Number that allows the entire machine to become batch when no interactive activity is taking place. Its value is derived by taking the total number of memory buffers and dividing by 2.

Adjusting the relative priority of batch and interactive processes is done by a dynamic adjustment of both memory usage and disk access.

The setting affects the whole virtual machine, and remains in effect until the virtual machine is rebooted.


Displays the current setting.

Trigger: 1. Delay: 1000 ms. Continuous batch reads trigger: 9000

Sets a new trigger weight to 100 milliseconds. In effect, this artificially suspends the batch processes, which attempts a disk read while an interactive process is doing a disk read. The continuous batch trigger is unchanged.

set-batchdly 1,100
Old trigger: 1. Delay: 1000 ms. Continuous batch reads trigger: 9000

Sets the cancel trigger value to 500. This indicates that when there are more than 500 disk reads performed by batch processes without any intervening interactive reads, normal priority is assigned to batch reads.

set-batchdly ,,500
Old trigger: 1. Delay: 100 ms. Continuous batch reads trigger: 9000