Uniface Runtime Environment

The Uniface runtime environment includes executables, servers, and drivers that enable Uniface to run on almost all platforms and deployment environments. It also includes tools for deploying Uniface applications into the runtime environment.

The runtime environment can be configured to run on a large number of platform and database configurations, which constitute the deployment environment. For details of the platforms and databases that Uniface supports, see the Platform Availability Matrix .

Note: When installing the Enterprise Edition or Community Edition used for application development, a runtime environment is also set up for use as a test environment.

Uniface Runtime Environment
Product Component Description
Uniface Runtime Engine A platform-specific process that interprets and executes compiled application components and libraries.
Application Resources Runtime objects (compiled components and application shells, global objects, descriptors), HTML files, images, and other files that make up an application. They are normally deployed in Uniface archive files (UAR).
Uniface Router A multithreaded process that manages Uniface Servers, including starting and stopping them, load balancing, and message handling between processes.
Uniface Server A server-based process that enables Uniface clients (desktop, web, or mobile) to access remote resources or execute remote components. Depending on the application and configuration, it can act as an application server, data server, or integration server.
Web Application Server A Uniface Server that handles server-side processing for web applications. It integrates with a commercial web server by means of the Web Request Dispatcher and Uniface Router, and executes Uniface web components (dynamic and static server pages).
Application Server A Uniface Server that executes remote Uniface components (services and reports).
Data Server A Uniface Server that accesses application data in a database, and reads and writes server-based application files.
Integration Server A Uniface Server that calls non-Uniface components, or executes Uniface components in response to requests from non-Uniface components.
Database Connectors Drivers that handle the connection between Uniface and a variety of databases. Uniface provides a specific connector for each DBMS that it supports.
Uniface Router Monitor A Uniface application used to monitor and fine-tune the performance of the Uniface Router.
Web Request Dispatcher (WRD) A Java servlet responsible for brokering requests and maintaining connections between web servers and the Uniface Router.
SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD) A Java servlet responsible for brokering SOAP requests and WSDL requests.
Apache Tomcat Open source web server and servlet engine used for testing and deploying Uniface applications and web services. Windows and Unix only.

Note: It is possible to use another web server, such as IIS or WebSphere.

Uniface Anywhere

A platform that delivers Uniface desktop applications to virtually any computer connected to the Internet. Available separately.

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