Web Application Server

The Uniface Web Application Server (WASV) handles server-side processing for web and mobile applications.

It consists of a Uniface Server that integrates with a third-party web server by means of the Web Request Dispatcher, a Java servlet running in the web server, and the Uniface Router.

  • The Uniface Server, running under the UST named wasv, is responsible for executing server page and service components. For more information, see Uniface Server.
  • The Web Request Dispatcher (WRD) is responsible for communication between the web server and the Uniface Router that handles communication with the Uniface Server. It brokers requests between the web client and Uniface Server. Uniface also provides a SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD) for web services. For more information, see Web Request Dispatcher (WRD) and SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD).
  • The Uniface Router is responsible for starting Uniface Servers and directing client requests to it. For more information, see Uniface Router .

The Web Application Server can be integrated with any web server capable of connecting to a servlet engine that is compliant with the 2.3 or 3.0 Java servlet specification.

On Windows and Unix, the default installation includes the Apache Tomcat HTTP Server and servlet engine, but if you already have your own web server, you can configure it to run Uniface applications after installation.

On iSeries, you can use the IBM HTTP server for i, licensed program 5770DG1, or WebSphere Application Server (Express), licensed program 5733Wxx.

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