SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD)

The Uniface SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD) is a Java servlet that is responsible for brokering SOAP and WSDL requests for web services.

For SOAP requests, the SRD communicates, via the Uniface Router and the SOAP connector, with the Uniface Application Server. SOAP requests are dispatched to the Uniface Router, which assigns the request to the Uniface Application Server for processing. The Uniface Application Server detects that the request is a SOAP request and passes it to the SOAP connector for conversion.

The SRD also handles WSDL requests, which are handled by the SRD without the interaction of the Uniface Server. The SRD retrieves the WSDL from disk, dynamically adds the HTTP server address of the web server, and returns the data. For the SRD to handle WSDL requests, the WSDL files, and all referenced XSD files, must exist in the directory WEB-INF/wsdl of the web application.

The SRD Java servlet runs as a Java EE (Enterprise Edition) web container within a Java EE-compliant web server, which makes it possible to deploy Uniface web services on any platform.

The web server handles a pool of SRD servlet instances and typically limits their number. All servlet instances communicate with the Uniface Router that handles the Uniface Server pools.

The SRD servlet is delivered in the Java archive file wrd.jar, together with the WRD servlet.

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