Web Request Dispatcher (WRD)

The Uniface Web Request Dispatcher (WRD) is used to deploy Uniface web applications. It is a Java servlet that is responsible for brokering requests and maintaining connections between web servers and the Uniface Router. The WRD communicates with the Uniface Server via the Uniface Router.

The WRD receives requests from a client browser via the web server and dispatches these requests to Uniface via TCP or TLS, depending on how the WRD is configured. A connection is established to the Uniface Router, which assigns the request to the Uniface Server for processing.

The WRD runs as a Java EE (Enterprise Edition) web container within a Java EE-compliant web server. The web server handles a pool of WRD servlet instances and typically limits their number. All servlet instances communicate with the Uniface Router that handles the Uniface Server pools.

The WRD servlet is delivered in the Java archive file wrd.jar, which also includes the SOAP Request Dispatcher (SRD) servlet.

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