Tool Tip Text (ToolTipText)

This property specifies the text to be displayed when the cursor is positioned over the widget. It can be a string up to 1024 bytes.



The tooltip is displayed when the cursor hovers over the field. Tooltips can be displayed in non-modal forms, and in modal forms that have focus. No tool tip is shown on disabled forms (such as a modal form that has opened another form). They can only be displayed when Uniface is active.

Note:  Uniface takes the current MS Windows desktop settings for Tool Tips. To display Unicode characters, this property must be set to a Unicode font, for example Arial Unicode MS.

Setting in ProcScript

You can set the value of the property in ProcScript using the $properties or $fieldproperties functions.

If you set the ToolTipText property with $properties, every occurrence of the field shows the same tool tip. If you set it with $fieldproperties, the tool tip is only shown on the current occurrence.

To ensure that the desired occurrence is the current one, use setocc prior to $fieldproperties, for example during initialization (when retrieving data) or when the user performs an action (such as clicking a button). setocc does not switch the focus, so no triggers are fired, which could interfere with displaying tool tips.

Note:  It is not possible to change tool tip text if the ProcScript engine has no implicit focus, for example, if the focus is set to a painted field and the user just moves the mouse over different fields without clicking nor pressing any thing.

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