Dimmed Background Color (DimmedBackColor)

Determines whether the background color of the widget is changed when the field syntax is DIM, so the field cannot get focus or be edited.

DimmedBackColor=True | False

Value Description
True The background color is changed when the field is dimmed.

For the Combo Box and Drop-Down List widget, this is the system default dimmed color, which is normally grey. For other widgets, it is changed to the color of the parent entity or form.

False The background color of the field is not changed when the field is dimmed.




Supported in Grid?



Field Syntax = DIM


When a field is dimmed, which means that the field syntax is set to DIM, the text displayed (that is, the foreground color) is set to grey. The DimmedBackColor enables you to change the background color as well.

Tip: The default usys.ini file sets this property off, thereby overriding the default value for this property. To apply the default value, remove this property from the default widget definitions in the .ini file.