D3 error constants

The error code returned from the Err object’s Number property is a large negative number. These codes are returned as a result of a run-time error from one of the class library’s methods or properties. Below is a list of D3 Error Constants and their corresponding error codes.

D3 general service errors

Error Constants Error Codes Description
d3SrvErr_NFile -2147220479 Too many opened files
d3SrvErr_Access -2147220478 Item not present or no access to it
d3SrvErr_Lock -2147220475 File or item is locked
d3SrvErr_Inval -2147220474 Invalid call
d3SrvErr_NoNum -2147220473 Not a number
d3SrvErr_BadF -2147220472 File not present or empty select list
d3SrvErr_Missing -2147220471 File not present
d3SrvErr_Conv -2147220470 Conversion error
d3SrvErr_BadCol -2147220469 Bad column number or name
d3SrvErr_EOF -2147220465 Reached end-of-file/item
d3SrvErr_CallMain -2147220463 Tried to call main as sub
d3SrvErr_NotRoot -2147220461 No index found on root statement
d3SrvErr_NoIndexId -2147220459 No more index entries
d3SrvErr_BadParams -2147220446 Wrong parameter number
d3SrvErr_LoadFail -2147220445 Rule module does not exist or not compiled with (0 option
d3SrvErr_EndList -2147220444 End of list

D3 miscellaneous rrrors

Error Constants Error Codes Description
d3MiscErr_Internal -2147220223 Internal library failure
d3MiscErr_NotImp -2147220222 Not implemented
d3MiscErr_ODBC -2147220221 Domain must be "ODBC;"
d3MiscErr_NoConn -2147220220 Server rejected the connection
d3MiscErr_NoServer -2147220219 Unable to connect to server
d3MiscErr_Timeout -2147220218 Login Timeout expired
d3MiscErr_InvalidDSN -2147220217 DSN does not exist
d3MiscErr_Misc -2147220125 Miscellaneous error