mvBase INFO/ACCESS User Reference Guide Overview

The INFO/ACCESS User Reference Guide documents INFO/ACCESS for mvBase, and contains the following sections.

Syntax Notations

Describes the syntax conventions used throughout this document.

An Overview of INFO/ACCESS

This section defines INFO/ACCESS, its functions and capabilities, and summarizes INFO/ACCESS commands and keywords.

Using INFO/ACCESS Syntax

This section describes the syntax parameters for INFO/ACCESS queries and commands, including default parameters.

Producing Reports with LIST and SORT

This section explains how to specify and select items for inclusion in a report, and how to specify which data appears in this report.

Formatting INFO/ACCESS Reports

This section describes the modifiers that may be used to format, or specify the appearance of, an INFO/ACCESS report.

Using INFO/ACCESS Commands for Special Processing

This section describes four groups of INFO/ACCESS commands that process data in special ways.

Using Select-lists

This section describes a group of INFO/ACCESS commands that create and manipulate select-lists. Select-lists provide added flexibility in extracting information from a database and in generating reports.

Generating Forms with INFO/ACCESS

This section describes how to perform queries that generate reports to be printed on forms such as invoices, checks, order forms, etc. These statements are called forms generation statements.

Using INFO/ACCESS Connectives, Modifiers and Options

Connectives, relational operators, modifiers, and options modify the action of the command in an INFO/ACCESS query. This overview describes and lists these command action modifiers.

Using INFO/ACCESS Correlatives and Conversions

Correlatives and conversions are among the most powerful features of INFO/ACCESS. This section describes correlative and conversion codes.