set-time command

The set-time command sets the current system time. The hours are specified from 00 (12:00 AM) to 23 (11:00 PM). The current time can be displayed by pressing CTRL+M or Enter at the TCL prompt, or by entering the TCL command time. If the time is actually changed, set-time logs an entry in the errors file.

For Windows: Not Supported. Use Windows utility or the BIOS to set the time.


set-time hh:mm{:ss} {(u)}




u Updates the hardware real-time clock, as well as the system (software clock).


Note: On D3 UNIX systems, this does not change the UNIX time. It only creates a difference. The new time is preserved (even if the system is rebooted) until another set-time command is issued. If the UNIX date is changed, the D3 date is changed, too. The D3 implementation does not use the daylight savings UNIX algorithm. Therefore, the time has to be adjusted manually when daylight savings goes into effect.