set-date command

The set-date BASIC program sets the system software date, and optionally the system hardware clock.

For Windows: Not Supported. Use the Windows utility or the BIOS to set the date.


set-date mm/dd/yy{yy}
set-date dd mmm yy



The date displays automatically at the TCL prompt by pressing ENTER, or CTRL+M. The time command displays the time and date.

The D3 system date is set as a difference from the UNIX system date. Normally, the difference is 0, making both dates equal.

The UNIX date is not affected. Changing the UNIX date, however, changes the D3 system date as well. Use the UNIX !date command to change the UNIX date. If the virtual machine is stopped without using the shutdown command, the new time and date are lost.


set-date 2/20/2003