listacc command

The listacc BASIC program produces a report of system usage statistics from the dm,acc, file for all accounts, or for a specified account, or for a specific user-ID.


listacc [{}|{user-ID}]{legend-supp}{tcl-supp}{(options}




options n Affects output to the terminal only, preventing output from pausing at the end of each (terminal) page of output.
p Directs output to the system printer, via the spooler.

The report includes the following headings:

accounts Item-ID column for the report. This contains the user-ID or a PCB-FID address.
md Account name to which the user logged. This value is a controlling value for the remaining values in the right columns.
pib# Line number the user logged on to.
s-date Date the user logged on.
s-time Time the user logged on.
acct-time Total hours and seconds that this account was used.
l-date Date the user logged off.
l-time Time the user logged off.
cpu Amount of CPU units used during this session. Units vary from system to system, but is generally measured in 1/10th of a second.
pages Number of pages of output sent to the spooler.

The listacc command refers to the dm,users, file to obtain the user-IDs. Each user should be given their own user-ID to make each process unique.


listacc ’bob’
page              1                           accounts    08:34:01   22 apr 1992
accounts..  md..   pib#  s-date   s-time   acct-time   l-date  l-time   cpu.  pages
bob         ref    0     04/02    23:48    00:01:42    04/02   23:50    497   0
            ref    1     04/02    23:50    10:52:17    04/02   10:42    55    1222
            ref    1     04/02    04:48    00:07:54    04/02   10:42    3339  0
            ref    1     04/02    04:40    00:02:08    04/02   04:42    236   0
            ref    1     04/02    04:42    02:25:00    04/02   04:42    172   3