accounts file

The accounts file contains a history of computer usage by user.




To capture accounting data for a specific user, add the character a to the options attribute (9) in the users file.

An item exists in the accounts file for each user. The item-ID from the users file is the item-ID in the accounts file.

Accounting may be suppressed system-wide by removing the accounts file. Accounting information is gathered from the pibs file when the user logs off.

The attributes in the accounts file are:

Attribute Name Description
0 user Item-ID consists of the users ID.
1 MD Name of the master dictionary (item-ID in the mds file) for the accounting period.
2 l-date Log date of the accounting data.
3 l-time Log time of the accounting data.
4 acct-time Accounting period to the second.
5 cpu Central Processing Unit (CPU) execution time (in tenths of seconds) used by this process for the accounting period.
6 pages Number of printer pages output for accounting period.
7 pib# Pib number user employed for the session.