FileOfFiles file (FSI)

The file named FileOfFiles contains statistical information for each file in the FSI. Whenever a file is created, restored, or deleted, this file is updated.


Items are created in the FileOfFiles file when a file is restored or created.

The item-IDs are sequential file numbers assigned when the file is created.

The numbers of the files are determined by the order in which they are restored or created.

When a file or account is restored, the files are recreated in the order in which they were saved on the file-save media.

The item restored, contained in the dictionary of the FileOfFiles file, contains the time in attribute 1 and the date of the last full restore in attribute 2. This item should not be deleted or modified.

Note: The FSI FileOfFiles has no logging mask attribute similar to attribute 17 in the VME File-of-Files file. To turn off clear-file logging for an individual file, either create it with an (F option or change the d-pointer to DF using set-dptr +f filename.

The attributes in the FileOfFiles file are:

Attribute Name Description
0 File#  
1 Server Server name
2   Path name
3   File Level (0=mds, 2=Md, 3=Dict, 4=Data)
4 Database Database Name
4 Acct  
5 Dict-name  
6 Data-name  
7 File-name  
7 FileName  
8   File Code (C=File Cleared, D=File Deleted, N=New File, R=File Renamed, U=File Updated)
9   Time Date when file operation occurred.
10 Version File Version
11   Open counter
12   Flags
13 Mod File Modulo
13 Modulo  
14 FrmSize Frame Size
15   Create TimeDate
16   Create User
17   Last OpenTime
18   Last OpenUser
19 FileNo File Number
20   File Info Code mask
21 ResizMod Resize Modulo
26 Opens File Open Count
27 Reads File Read Count
28 Writes File Write Count
29 EstCount Item Count
36 Items Total # of Items
36 Itms  
36 Tot-items  
37 Lrg-itms Total # of Large Items
37 LrgItems  
37 OvfItms  
38 Bytes Total File Size
38 File-size  
38 FileSize  
39 Ovf-size  
39 OvfBytes  
39 OvfSize  
40 Ovf-group  
40 Ovf-Grp  
41 Ovf-Frm