restore-errors file

The restore-errors file contains errors that occurred during a restore.


If the restore-errors file does not exist, it is created when the first error occurs.

The D-pointer to this file is placed in the mds file, rather than in the dm account master dictionary file, since a full restore may be in progress, and the dm account may not be available. One of these errors may be generated:

err "d" type segment level (1=account, 2=dict, 3=data)

This indicates that either an incorrect D-pointer was found on the tape or an item with no preceding D-pointer was found on the tape. This type of message usually occurs during atypical restore sessions, such as forcing tape to get past errored blocks, starting on wrong reel numbers, overriding or continuing after bad labels, and so on.

If an item is found with no preceding D-pointer, the restore must be told where it should be placed. For example, if the restore was restoring the data level (level = 3) when a block was dropped or bad, and at the beginning of the next block an item was found that did not belong to this file, the restore does not know where it goes. If 2 (dict) is chosen in the above example, the restore stops restoring items to the data level and begins restoring items to the dictionary level of this file.

If a D-pointer is read from the tape and the level number is not in the range of 0 through 3, where zero is the mds file, the restore processor must be told at which level it is to be placed. If a D-pointer update is read from an incremental or transaction log tape and the file number exists in file-of-files, but it is the wrong file control block, then this message displays:

tape format err (segment skipped)

If an item is read from the tape and its associated file D-pointer has not previously been read, or, if the item read does not conform to the D3 tape format, it is skipped, especially when the binary object code is not in D3 format. If an index B-tree is not in the correct format on the tape, this message may also display:

not found in the file-of-files

This is merely a warning that the file number was not found in the file-of-files. It creates one.

obj data err

If the object code is not in the proper format, then blocks of it are skipped. If there is no header that details how many blocks are to follow, then all blocks are skipped.

’xxx’ is not a file name

Could not find the file in the file-of-files.

’xxx’ error in rename, segment skipped

The restore was probably from incremental or transaction log tape. File not found in file-of-files and could not be renamed because restore does not know the path name of the old file. This is one reason why incremental saves cannot be restored from TCL (Too much reliance on file number rather than path name.). The rename-file or move-file was skipped.