get-fof command

The get-fof BASIC program returns the item-ID in the file-of-files file associated with the specified VME file.


get-fof file.reference {(options}


options l Generates a select list containing the file-of-files file-ID.
s Suppresses the output of the item-ID.


This command is useful for getting statistical data contained about a file in the file of files file. The example below shows that the optimal modulo for the file (in attribute sug.mod) is significantly larger than the real modulo. Based on these results, this file is a good candidate for resizing.

get-fof bp (ls

[404] 1 items selected out of 1 items.

list fof fname sug.mod modulo

Page 1      fof                     09:42:39   09 May 2004
fof......   fname......   sug.mod...   modulo...
3749        bp bp         23           17
[405] 1 items listed out of 1 items.