istat command

The istat command produces a graphic representation of item-ID distribution within a file and suggests a new modulo. The istat command is equivalent to the hash-test command.


istat file.reference{item.list} {modifiers} {(options)}


options r Provides additional information about indirect (pointer) items, that are otherwise not accurately reflected by the output.
s Suppresses display of histogram; displays summary statistics only.


istat entity (s
file = entity modulo = 11 16:08:40 14 Feb 2004
frames bytes items
             Hash-Test/Istat Statistics
total item count         =      8      byte count =         2226
avg. bytes/item          =      270.2  avg. items/group =   3
std. deviation           =      1.0    avg. bytes/group =   202.3
suggested modulo         =      3.0