Generating Registration Tokens for Cloud LM Licensing

To configure a cloud license manager (LM) license, you need a Registration Token. Administrators can generate these tokens themselves on the Sentinel EMS Portal, as long as they have this feature enabled for their licenses.

Note: If you are not an administrator on the Sentinel EMS Portal, please ask your system administrator for a Registration Token.

To generate a Registration Token:

  1. Log in to the Sentinel EMS Customer portal.
  2. On the navigation pane on the left, select Access Management > Add Registration Tokens

    Sentinel EMS Portal Access Management screen

  3. In the Registration Tokens page, click Add Registration Token.

    Sentinel EMS Portal Add Registration Token screen

  4. In the Add Registration Token page, select the Expiration Date to set the Registration Token's validity. This can be a maximum of 30 days. The token must be registered within this validity period.
  5. In the Identifier field, enter a value with letters and numbers to create an ID for the particular token. You can leave this blank, and an ID will be generated automatically
  6. In the Count field, specify the number Registration Tokens that can be used to generate Auth Tokens. The Auth Token is needed to connect to the Cloud LM and access the license.

    Note: The number of Uniface instances that can be run concurrently using a Cloud LM license is determined by the quantity in your Entitlement, and not the Registration Token count.

  7. Click Save.

The generated Registration Token can now be given to users to register. The token is only needed the first time it is registered, and must be used within the expiration period set.

To edit the Registration Token, for example to increase its count, click the pencil icon in the Actions column.

To manage cloud LM sessions, see Managing Cloud LM Sessions and Tokens