Determines whether a border is displayed around the widget at run time. True or False. The default value depends on the widget.

Frame=True | False




Border is displayed.


Border is not displayed.


Default value

Depends on widget


Depends on widget

Supported in Grid?



When True, other properties can be used to style the border.


When Frame is selected, the appearance of the frame is determined by the 3-D Effect property. If 3-D Effect is False, the border is 1-pixel wide and the color is determined by Windows. If 3-D Effect is True, a three-dimensional border is displayed.

Edit Box and Rich Edit Box

In the Edit Box and Rich Edit Box widgets, the Frame property can be changed dynamically in Proc, but only if the 3-D Effect property is false when the form is initialized (for example, in the widget properties dialog or before an edit statement in the exec operation). It is not possible to change the 3D property dynamically, so you cannot apply a 3D appearance to a border that is dynamically applied.

; toggle Frame property
if ($properties(FLD1) = "frame=false")
  $properties(FLD1) = "frame=true"
  $properties(FLD1) = "frame=false"

Drop Down List

For the drop-down list widget, the border is displayed only if both Frame and Dynamic are True, and the field does not have focus. In this case, it is possible to set the color of the border using the Frame Color property.


For the Tabex widget, it is possible to specify the width and color of the border using the Frame Width and Frame Color properties.

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