Display the information listing plus warning and error messages when compiling.



Use the /inf sub-switch to display the information, warning, and error messages when compiling.

When used with /lis, such information is also added to the ProcScript listing.


The following command line instruction:

/dsp /inf MUSICCART

Results in output something like this:

Compile Dynamic Server Page: 'MUSICCART'
Phase  2:   Model definitions
Phase  3:     Prep. structure
Phase  4:    Form definitions
Phase  5:     Background text
Phase  6: Component variables
Phase  7:   Procs compilation
      info: 1134 - Subsetting of CART includes: SESSIONID
      info: 1134 - Subsetting of CART excludes: INITIALS, LASTNAME, STREET, STREETNUMBER, POSTALCODE, 
                                                CITY, COUNTRY, PHONE, EMAIL, PAYMENT
      info: 1134 - Subsetting of CART_ITEM includes: SESSIONID, SEQNR, ITEMID, AMOUNT
      info: 1134 - Subsetting of ITEMS includes: ITEMID, CATEGORY, MANUFACTURER, PRODUCT, VARIATION, 
                                                 PRICE, DESCRIPTION
Phase  8:    Structure tables
Phase  9:          Descriptor
      info: 1207 - Component MUSICCART has ID ID2015021616181967.
Phase 10: Save dynamic server page
   7128 bytes used for model definitions
      0 bytes used for paint reference table
     42 bytes used for paint information
    144 bytes used for paint labels
     24 bytes used for component variables
      0 bytes used for input translation table
      0 bytes used for output translation table
    599 bytes used for literal label pool
     39 bytes used for literal misc pool
   1884 bytes used for structure tables
   9860 bytes total memory usage
[info 5, warnings 0, errors 0]

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