Compile entity collection operations and occurrence operations.

/ceo   {/inf | /war}   {/lis {=2}}   {/tpl}   {/plt}   {/aft=DateTime}   {/bef=DateTime}   {Entity.}{Model}}


  • Entity—name of an entity in the specified model. If specified, Model must also be specified.
  • Model—model name or search profile to use as selector for the modeled entities to analyze; if omitted, all application models are analyzed.

Use With

ide.exe—Uniface IDE


By default, /ceo displays only error messages. (Compiling interactively displays both error and warning messages by default.) Use the /inf, /war, and /lis sub-switches to increase the amount of information displayed.

Use the /tpl and /plt sub-switches if you want to compile modeled entities that are defined as templates or palettes. By default, these are not compiled by the /ceo switch.


The following example compiles all entity operations changed since 15 September 2016:

/ceo  /aft=15-09-2016

The following example compiles all entities beginning with ORD in models starting with S,

/ceo ord*.s*

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