Compile dynamic server pages.

{/dsp}   {/inf | /war}   {/cmi=Value} {/ilv Value}   {/lis=Value} {/sym=Value}   {/ext}   {/nodebug} {/iap |   {/tpl}   {/plt}}   {/aft=DateTime}   {/bef=DateTime}   {ServerPage}


ServerPage—name of the server page to compile; if omitted, all server pages are compiled (after considering any subswitches). Use wildcard characters to specify multiple server pages.

Use With

ide.exe—Uniface IDE


By default, this switch compiles normal components (the Purpose property is set to N (Normal). To compile components that are defined as templates or palettes (Purpose is T (Template) or P (Palette)), you can use the /tpl and /plt sub-switches. If you want to compile the components regardless of their purpose, you can use the /iap (include all purposes) sub-switch.

When compiling from the command, only error messages are shown by default. (Compiling interactively displays both error and warning messages.) Use the /inf, /war, /lis and /ilv sub-switches to increase the amount of information displayed.

Use the /nodebug sub-switch to specify that the compiled component(s) cannot be debugged.


Compile all Uniface server pages:

/dsp *

Compile all server pages with names ending with INQ:

/dsp *inq

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