/con (and /anm)

Analyze modeled entities and create entity descriptors for entities that share the same model name.

/con   {/inf | /war}   {/tpl}   {/plt}   {/aft=Datetime}   {/bef=Datetime}   { {Entity.}Model }


  • Entity—name of an entity in the specified model. If specified, Model must also be specified.
  • Model—model name or search profile to use as selector for the modeled entities to analyze; if omitted, all application models are analyzed.

Use With

ide.exe—Uniface IDE


Use the /inf and /war sub-switches to increase the amount of information displayed when analyzing.

Use the /tpl and /plt sub-switches if you want to compile modeled entities that are defined as templates or palettes. By default, these are not compiled by /con.

Compiling Modeled Entities

Compile all entities in the model
/con model
Compile an entity in a specific model
/con entity.model
Compile an entity in specified models
/con entity.mo*
Compile a specified entity in any model

The model must be specified, in this case as a wildcard:

/con entity.*