Installing mvBase Printer Drivers

A printer driver is a software program or configuration file that extends the operating system so that it supports a printer. Printer manufacturers typically supply drivers for their printers for various versions of Windows or other operating systems. Several Windows applications, including mvBase, may offer additional printer drivers to support the applications’ use of printers.

All types of mvBase printers require at least one printer driver.


When configuring a shared network printer, it is important to configure the printer so that multiple users can print from multiple applications. This mandates use of a printer driver that is compatible with Windows.

The printer driver(s) required for each printer configuration are described in greater detail in the pertinent procedures.

Understanding Raw Printer Operation

The raw printer mode configures Windows printers to allow unfiltered output of printer data which bypasses the Winprint preprocessor of the printer driver.

The raw printer mode resolves several issues, which include:

When the raw mode switch is activated for serial printers, output to the printer client from an mvBase printer process is sent directly to the connected printer, bypassing the Windows printer driver.The raw printer client allows embedded x'FF characters (255 ASCII) in print jobs, and allows ACCUPLOT to print correctly. Additionally, if you create a print job from mvBASIC with a PRINT CHAR(255) statement, the embedded CHAR(255) should pass through to the printer and not create an end-of-document condition.

Another factor in deciding whether to use the raw printer mode is whether a printer will be shared across the network. Shared printers are most likely to print from multiple Windows-based applications, and the raw printer mode is most suited for this user of printers.

The following mvBase serial printers are or can be configured as raw printers:

See Setting Up Serial Printers on TCP Ports for additional information.

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